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“These guys are awesome. I started with a garden variety closing, which turned somewhat complicated as the seller tried to screw us. Mike and his team were awesome. 1) They never hit us with any extra fees. 2) Mike was tough as nails in playing hardball with the seller. I personally loved this aspect of it! Isn’t this what you want from a lawyer? 3) They looked out for my best interests, and were organized and effective. 4) in dealing with other firms in the past, I always hated that when you called they had to look at your file, didn’t have a working knowledge of your case, etc. This NEVER happened with Mike and Justin. I never had to rehash everything–they knew who we were, and what was going on. I loved this–this is totally a piece of mind that’s value in incalculable. 5) For the price he charges, this was the best value I have seen in dealing with law firms. I highly recommend Mike and his team wholeheartedly. You can even message me if you want more details. Hire them!”